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Espresso Tales: Coffee with L. Simpson

Today my guest on Espresso Tales is L.Simpson, an Australian romance writer who specialises in swoony-worthy tales set in the gorgeous Victorian Alpine region. Her latest release, Good Trouble, is the second book in the Alpine Valleys Series.

Megan: Thanks for joining me, can I get you a coffee to start with?

L.Simpson: A skinny Mocha. Don’t judge me. I need the caffine, and I’ve fooled myself to think that if it doesn’t have sugar, it isn’t bad for me.

Megan: No judgement here. I think it sounds like an extremely fabulous argument and I'll join in one. Congratulations on your new book! Tell me a little about it.

L. Simpson: Annie Clarke knew fairy tales were only in books, and love was a disaster. Nothing could convince her to go down that road again. But local football hero, Erik wore her down. Too cocky by half, and too damn good-looking for his own good, when he suggested they give friends with benefits a try, she relented. At first, it worked. Erik was a great friend, and a fantastic lover. But then their hearts entered the field of play, and Erik betrayed her. Annie cursed herself for allowing it to happen again, she'd loved and lost for the last time. After realizing his mistake, Erik couldn't have agreed more. Annie would never love anyone else again. She was his, and he intended to keep her by his side forever.

Megan: It sounds great. Will we see more of the Alpine Valleys Series? What are you currently working on?

L. Simpson: Book three in the Alpine Valleys Series is my current WIP and I’m half way through. Book one, Beyond Today was released in November 2017 but the next three books will be released this year. Good Trouble (book two) is now available, and book three, provided finish it… will be out in the middle of the year.

I’m also tinkering with another short story with my fellow Love Sabres. They’re my writing tribe, and we had an anthology published last year. We are thinking about doing it again.

Megan: Your anthology with your writing crew was awesome and seemed like such a fun project to work on. When you aren't writing, what sort of books do you like to read?

L. Simpson: I mainly read romance novels. They’re my favourite and with two young children, animals, work and the fact I need to sleep I’m very selective. My favourite authors are Kristen Ashley, JR Ward, Deborah Harkness and Penny Reid – they could put any book out and I would buy it sight unseen. I like these authors because they build worlds/places I want to visit. Their characters are unique and don’t stick to stereotypes. A lot of them are funny too, and I like that in a book – it makes it seem realistic. The last book I read was the Hooker and the Hermit by Penny Reid and L.H. Cosway. It was brilliant, and was a sporting novel without being typical. I’m not a rugby fan (I’m Victorian…) but I could be persuaded by Ronan from this book.

Megan: What are you writing routines? Are you an early bird writer or night owl? Or do you write during the day?

L. Simpson: Ordinarily, I am an early bird. That goes for anything I need to do; cleaning, cooking, exercising. However, having children has blown that out of the water. Some mornings, it’s so frantic that I think if I can just get some deodorant and mascara on, I’ve succeeded. Now, I write from after dinner until I give my son the dream feed. It’s actually a nice time to write, the house is quiet, and I am finally on my own.

Megan: Thanks for joining me and good luck with the Alphine Valleys Series!

To learn more about L.Simpson's books, visit her website: www.lsimpsonauthor.com

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You can also find her on BookBub and Book+Mains

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