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Espresso Tales: Coffee with Liv Arnold

My guest today on Espresso Tales is Liv Arnold, who has recently launched her first book, Law and Disorder.

Liv Arnold has worked as a copywriter for several global

companies and now runs her own freelance business. She grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and lives with her husband and their spoiled dog, who only eats freshly cooked meals. When she’s not writing, Liv’s avoiding the gym, devouring a cheese platter, or marathoning way too much TV. And of course, she’s a massive book addict and often reads until all hours of the night.

Her debut romance, Law and Disorder is available for purchase now.

Megan: Liv, thanks for joining me. Can I offer you a tea or coffee?

Liv: Anything herbal. I love peppermint tea.

Megan: Me too! I think I'll join you. Now, tell me a little about your debut romance, Law and Disorder.

Liv: I’ve watched the TV show Neighbours since I was a child. I used to come home from school, get changed, have a snack then sit down and watch. I love the community behind the storylines and the more light-hearted moments. So, I thought it would be a fun idea to have the heroine and hero as neighbours, but spice things up a little.

Megan: Neighbours was a fixture in my household growing up too. When did you start to write? Did you write stories as a child?

Liv: I used to write stories at school for fun, but I never thought anything would come of it. So, I did a degree that had nothing to do with writing and started a full-time job in the finance industry. My mum encouraged me to do a creative writing course at RMIT. It’s a short course that runs for 8-10 weeks for three hours a week after work. I loved every moment of the class and ended up doing three short courses. The teachers were so inspiring, and it was great to speak to likeminded people. I workshopped my stories in class and continued with them after the course finished. I started writing romance because my husband plays computer games all night. I thought ‘why not invent my own book boyfriend’. I used to read out romance passages to him to give him a gentle nudge.

Megan: It sounds like the course was a real turning point for you, well, that and your husband and his computer games. Is that when you write, at night?

Liv: I'm a night owl writer. I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night so I figure I might as well write. I’m definitely not a morning person and can barely even see that early. Don’t know how people can be so chipper at that time.

Megan: Caffeine. I think that's how most night owl writers survive! When you write, do you plot out your stories or are you more of a 'pantser'?

Liv: Panster. I go wherever the characters take me, but I usually have a rough idea how my story will end. So, every chapter will lead towards this. I wish I was more organised with plotting. Sometimes I spend so much time in front of a blank computer screen willing the words to come. My characters grow as I write – I don’t even come up with personality traits beforehand.

Megan: Do you find that writing is something that energises you or exhausts you?

Liv: Exhaust me. I work fulltime so I really need to push myself to write. I give myself incentives – an ice-cream or junk food reward whenever I finish a page, or I treat myself with reading a chapter of a book. Anything to keep me motivated.

Megan: Thanks for joining me, and all the best with Law and Disorder!

You can purchase Law and Disorder at:

Amazon Australia

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Amazon Canada

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