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Espresso Tales: Coffee with Annie Seaton

My final guest on Espresso Tales for 2018 is Australian, award-winning author, Annie Seaton.

Annie Seaton lives near the beach on the east coast of Australia, fulfilling her lifelong dream of being an author. After majoring in history at university, her career and further study spanned the education sector with the completion of a Masters Degree in Education, and working as an academic research librarian, a high school principal and a university tutor until she took up her full-time writing career. Each winter, Annie and her husband leave the beach to roam the remote areas of Australia for story ideas and research.

Annie’s Porter Sisters series is published in print in Australia and New Zealand with Pan Macmillan, and she has recently signed another two book contract with Harper Collins in the Harlequin Mira imprint. Whitsunday Dawn is the first of these to be followed by Undara in 2019, Osprey Reef in 2020 and East of Alice in 2021. Annie also has many books published digitally internationally across many genres. You can find them in a convenient slideshow on her website: http://www.annieseaton.net

Megan: Annie, thank you for joining me. May I offer you a cuppa?

Annie: A cappuccino, please.

Megan: I'll have one of those too - one of my favourites. Now, please tell me a little about your latest book?

Annie: Her Outback Protector is a short contemporary romance that explores the development of trust between two people in a hostile environment. It is set in the outback and on the waterways of the Western Australian Kimberley and is receiving some great reviews.

When new hostess, Clare Templeton, joins the adventure charter to the remote waterways of the Kimberleys as a hostess, she is in jeopardy. Don McDougal steps in to make sure that she is kept safe. But he can't risk falling for this fascinating woman…or can he?

Megan: It sounds great and once again, another fantastic and vivid Australian setting. What inspires your writing?

Annie: Researching a book in the actual environment and living in that setting for a few weeks is a large part of the inspiration. I am fortunate to write full time, and each winter, am able to travel with my husband to camp and live in the settings that I will use in future books. This enables me to describe my book landscapes in great detail. You can evoke the atmosphere so much more realistically if you have spent time there: the unique fragrances, the feel of the wind on your skin, and the sound of the birds, the waves or the desert wind. The actual essence of a setting is how you experience and feel it through your five senses. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch written well and woven through your character’s perceptions, assist the reader to believe they are there in the story themselves.

Megan: That certainly comes through in your books. What does your research entail?

Annie: I visit the setting…even in the wilds of the outback. Next winter we are off to Alice Springs to research my 2021 book, East of Alice. I interview people who live there or who lived in the historical period if it is recent enough (Whitsunday Dawn, World War 2) and I research using primary and secondary source material on Trove, and in libraries.

Megan: Does writing energise your or exhaust you?

Annie: Always energised… even late at night, until I crash and sleep. Thinking about new stories, meeting new characters, and exploring settings is a wonderful way to spend a day. I love my writing life.

Megan: How do you structure your writing time?

Annie: A structured day with set working hours at a desk that faces a closed blind. I break for coffee and lunch,but treat my writing as a job. I work in silence…no music or interruption.

Megan: Do you find much time to read around your own work? What sort of books do you enjoy reading?

Annie: My reading tastes are very wide. Romance, crime, women’s fiction. Today I finished reading Robert Galbraith’s (JK Rowling) The Cuckoo’s Calling. Kristan Higgins is one of my favourites too.

Megan: I enjoy Kristan Higgins, too. What are you currently working on? I know you have some titles scheduled for 2019 and beyond?

Annie: This is where you see #amcrazyauthor. I am currently working on Follow Me, the sequel to Come back to Me, my time travel rock star romance, as well as doing the research for Osprey Reef my contracted 2020 single title. I am also writing His Outback Bride-To-Be, the third book in the Second Chance Bay series, and researching Book 1 of a new series tentatively titled Island Love.

Megan: Wow! That is a busy schedule. You've created some fantastic and memorable characters in your books. Who who would you most like to have coffee with, or least like to have coffee with?

Annie: I love Tomas Richards in Italian Affair, and equally Fynn James in Whitsunday Dawn. Troy in Daintree would be the no no!

Megan: Thank you so much for joining me. Congratulations on another successful 2018 and all the best for the new year.

Annie: Thanks for having me!

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