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Espresso Tales: Coffee with Angela Wren

Today my guest on Espresso Tales is Angela Wren, whose book, Montbel, the third book in the popular Jacques Forêt Mystery series is due for release next week.

Having followed a career in Project and Business Change

Management, Angela now works as an Actor and Director at a local theatre. She's been writing creatively, in a serious way, since 2010. Angela particularly enjoys the challenge of plotting and planning different genres of work. Her short stories vary between contemporary romance, memoir, mystery and historical. She also writes comic flash-fiction and has drafted two one-act plays that have been recorded for local radio. The majority of her stories are set in France where she likes to spend as much time as possible each year.

Megan: Angela, thank you for joining me today on Espresso Tales. Can I get you a coffee?

Angela: I'd love a coffee, black and weak - in fact so weak it has to struggle to get out of the cup!

Megan: I like that description. Now, tell me about your latest book, I believe it is the third in what has been a very popular mystery series.

Montbel is book 3 in my cosy crime mysteries set in France - here's the blurb :

A clear-cut case?

A re-examination of a closed police case brings investigator, Jacques Forêt, up against an old adversary. After the murder of a key witness, Jacques finds himself, and his team, being pursued.

When a vital piece of evidence throws a completely different light on Jacques' case, his adversary becomes more aggressive, and Investigating Magistrate Pelletier threatens to sequester all of Jacques papers and shut down the investigation.

Can Jacques find all the answers before Pelletier steps in?

Megan: It sounds great. What sort of books do you like to read? Are you a fan of the mystery-genre? What was the last book you read?

Angela: I'm an avid reader and always have been. My bookshelves are a testament to my very varied taste and my obsession with book collecting. As a kid I loved fairy tales, (still do!), so I devoured Anderson, Brothers Grimm, Perrault and everything else in between. As an adolescent, I just worked my way through the shelves at the library alphabetically until I found Agatha Christie and then read everything she had written and went on to read everything I could find in the crime genre - Conan Doyle, Wilkie Collins right up to and including Minette Walters, P D James, Ruth Rendell, Peter James and just about everyone else. But I read lots of other stuff too - I love a good romance, or some 'slice of life' contemporary fiction. As for the last book I read - Edith Eger's The Choice (memoir). A record of an incredible life that made me think and at times brought tears to my eyes.

Megan: When and why did you begin writing?

Angela: I began writing as a youngster. I used to have stories read to me at bedtime, and, when I was deemed to be too old for such childish things, I started telling myself stories. So, it was kind of a natural progression for me to start to write them down. Of course, school, exams, work, life and a need to pay the mortgage got in the way. But I was very lucky in that my work needed me to be able to draft complex documents. It was when I escaped the rat-race that I realised that writing creatively was something I'd missed for a long time and I decided in 2010 that the time was right for me to work towards that childhood dream of being a real writer and being published.

Megan: Of all the characters in your books who would you most like to have coffee with or least like to have coffee with?

Angela: That would have to be Richard Laurent Delacroix. He doesn't appear until half way through book 2. He arrives in the village of Messandrierre, ostensibly to attend his uncle's funeral. Whilst he is there he manages to upset everyone in one way or another. But Richard is not quite what he seems and he shows himself to be a bit of a chancer. In book 3 he becomes even more… Mmm perhaps I ought to stop there. He has a chequered history and I would like to bring him to life and take him for coffee just to see if he really is as devious and manipulating as he seems on the page.

Megan: What authors do you most admire? Why?

That's kind of hard to answer because there are so many and they are all on my bookshelves and you really don't want to know how many of those I've got! Ok, so narrowing it down, I have to start with D H Lawrence - I love the colour in his writing, he uses words as though they are oils on a palette and as I read his books I can see the brush strokes and the fabulous pictures he paints in my mind's eye. R L Stevenson for his wit and observation. N Hawthone for the gentility of his story telling. M Peake for his amazing and completely believable but outlandish characters and descriptions. Dame F Stark for the genuine humility of her narratives. And finally T Hardy for the poetry in his words no matter what the form of the text.

Megan: Thank you for joining me and all the best with the launch of Montbel.

Angela: Thank you.

To read more about Angela and her work, you can visit her at:





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