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Espresso Tales: Coffee with Rosie Travers

Today my guest on Espresso Tales is the lovely Rosie Travers, whose book, The Theatre of Dreams was recently released to rave reviews - and understandably, it is a little gem.

I'll let Rosie introduce herself:

Rosie: I’m from Southampton on the south coast of England and spent many years working as an administrator in local government before moving to southern California in 2009. With time on my hands I started a blog about the perils of my ex-pat life which rekindled a teenage desire to become a writer. When I returned to the UK I took a creative writing course, and the rest as they say is history!

Megan: Welcome to the blog! What an I get you to drink?

Rosie: It would have to be tea, I’m afraid – English breakfast tea with milk. I don’t drink coffee at all, although I love coffee and walnut cake, if you’ve got any of that going instead!

Megan: I'll see what I can rustle up as that sounds delicious! Now, tell me a little about The Theatre of Dreams. I recently read it and loved it but for those who haven't had the chance yet, what can they expect?

Rosie: The Theatre of Dreams is a story of an unlikely trio who unite to save a neglected seaside theatre from re-development. Octogenarian Kitty is determined to leave a legacy of beauty, art and culture in her home town before she dies and recruits disgraced musical theatre actress Tara, and bankrupt architect Dominic, to help her out in an elaborate plot to outwit a ruthless local property developer. There’s a lot of deception going on in a very small town. It was great fun to write so hopefully great fun to read!

Megan: It definitely was. And the cover was so gorgeous. Of all the characters in your books who would you most like to have coffee with or least like to have coffee with?

Rosie: I’d want to take tea with Kitty because she has such a colourful past, and she also drinks a lot of tea. I don’t suspect she’d let me do a lot of the talking though. She’s used to being in the spotlight.

Megan: In terms of your writing routines, are you an early bird writer or night owl?

Rosie: I am most definitely an early bird. I often have ideas in bed at night so the sooner I can write them down on paper the better. I like to be at my desk by 8.00 am and stay there until lunch time if I can. Occasionally when my other half is away I have been known to work way into the night with a glass of wine or two by my side.

Megan: I do that too. Do you plan out your novels or let them lead the way?

Rosie: I am most definitely a pantser. I don’t plan anything. A character pops into my head and I create a predicament for her or him. The story evolves from there. It isn’t the most organised way to write, but once I’ve got the first few chapters under my belt I tend to stop and take stock to make sure it’s working. I quite often write the ending before going back to fill in the gaps in the middle.

Megan: What kind of research do you undertake ahead of writing a book?

Very little. I research as I go along, although having said that The Theatre of Dreams is partially inspired by the story of an art deco entertainment complex which used to be located on the seafront about six or seven miles from my home town. The complex was demolished in the early 1970s which seems a complete travesty - I didn’t know it even existed until I stopped to read a sign commemorating the spot in the local car park. I became intrigued and subsequently undertook an investigation into the history of art deco seaside pavilions in the UK. I think The Theatre of Dreams is my attempt to resurrect a slice of local heritage, metaphorically speaking, if nothing else!

Megan: Thank you so much for joining me and all the best with The Theatre of Dreams.

Rosie: Thank you.

To learn more about Rosie and her book, visit her at:





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