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Espresso Tales: Coffee with Isabella May

My guest today on Espresso Tales is the lovely Isabella May, author of three books, including the upcoming Costa del Churros.

Isabella May lives in (mostly) sunny Andalucia, Spain with her

husband, daughter and son, creatively inspired by the sea and the mountains. Having grown up on Glastonbury’s ley lines however, she’s unable to completely shake off her spiritual inner child, and is a Law of Attraction fanatic.

Cake, cocktail, and travel obsessed, she also loves nothing more than to (quietly) break life’s ‘rules’.

Costa del Churros is her third novel.

Megan: Thank you for joining me today. Can I get you a coffee to start with?

Isabella: I'd love a Café Sombra Grande – this is a strong Spanish coffee with a generous helping of steamed milk; a latte with punch (I’m sure there’s a better translation though!)

Megan: Sounds good! Tell me about your latest book.

Isabella: After writing two books majorly featuring my hometown of Glastonbury, UK, it was time to let the inspiration of my second home, Spain, do its thing… which is how COSTA DEL CHURROS was born.

Here’s the blurb:

The rain in Spain doesn't mainly fall on the plain… Brits abroad Belinda, Julia, Laura and Georgina need more than the sweetness of churros with chocolate dipping sauce to save them from their unsavoury states of affairs. Cue Carmen Maria Abril de la Fuente Ferrera, the town's flamboyant flamenco teacher! But can she really be the answer to their prayers? One thing's for sure: the Costa del Sol will never be the same again.

Megan: Your books are so colourful and vivid - the settings, the food and the characters leap off the page. What inspires your writing?

Isabella: I’m inspired by so many things. I love to fuse together food (and sometimes drink), spirituality and magic, travel, romance and a generous sprinkling of comedy. I have a whole list of my future book titles written out and ready to go. I just need to clone myself now to write them. I think this unique blend of subjects comes from living and growing up in one of the most mystical places in the UK, an incurable wanderlust, an insatiable sweet tooth, a tendency to find the humour in everything and being a sucker for a Happy Ever After.

Megan: I love a Happy Ever After too. I know you are an avid reader. What sort of books do you like to read? What was the last book you read?

Isabella: Since being signed up with Crooked Cat last year, my reading habits have changed massively – and for the better. I love to dip in and out of all sorts of genres, as mood dictates. I have quite a soft spot for Cosy Crime now, for example. I’d never have contemplated this genre before. The last book I read just happens to be a Crooked Cat title Cosy Crime novel, and I stayed up late to finish it last night: Chasing the Case by Joan Livingston; a sassy and bold yet overwhelmingly hygge tale of a mature female P.I and her 92-year old mum. It was so refreshing to see a book smash so many taboos about age and the careers of women!

Megan: Chasing the Case is one of my reads of the year. Brilliant characters. You've created some marvellous characters yourself. Of all your characters, who would you most like to have coffee with or least like to have coffee with?

Isabella: Probably River Jackson from THE COCKTAIL BAR because he’d conjure up something memorably coffee AND alcoholic.

Megan: And I imagine him to be pretty easy on the eye too. With your writing, does it energise you or exhaust you?

Isabella: I find it really cathartic. When I’m tired I stop, when I’m energised I start. I think the key is to write for your mood. Wait for those elephant grey days before you attempt to hash out a depressing chapter. Fortunately, my books don’t include too many of them!

Megan: Thank you for joining me today and good luck with Costa de Churros.

Isabella: Thanks for hosting me.

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