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Espresso Tales: Coffee with MC D'Alton

Today my guest on Espresso Tales is MC D'Alton, whose novella, Memories of Love, was inspired by the age-old legent of Tristan and Isolde, after reading about their doomed loved and thinking "One day, I promise to give you both a happier ending.”

I'll let MC introduce herself:

My first name is Michelle, but I decided to write under the pen name of MC D’Alton.

D’ Alton was the last name of my maternal great grandfather.

I the cook, cleaner, taxi driver and all around go-to person in my household. But I make sure to spend at least an hour each day writing. I am currently attempting to get a degree in writing as well.

Born in South Africa, my husband and I packed up and moved to Australia in 2010.

Besides being blessed with triplet boys, moving to a new country was both the greatest adventure, and adjustment of our lives. Raising three children of the same age left no room for my calling as a nurse and so I decided to concentrate on my second love – writing – which has since, become my first love.

My passion for writing about the fantastical and love swept started at an early age. I lose myself in daydreams and what if’s whenever life spares a free minute.

My Goal is to create worlds where people can escape to for a few precious moments, places where magic is the order of the day, and love is served on a silver platter.

Megan: Thank you for joining me today, firstly can I get you something to drink?

MC: Oooo, a large Chai Latte leaning hard on the spice, thank you.

Megan: That sounds perfect for a wintery day. Now, tell me abour your new novella, Memories of Love.

MC: Isabella Irish, an up and coming artist, wants to get on with her new life after a bomb blast robs her of her memories.

Mark Cornwall, her manager, persistently pushes for more than a working relationship.

The appearance of a stranger stirs lost memories and deep feelings she can't explain.

As an ever-present danger lurks in the guise of a friend.

Roses, honeysuckle, and a brush with death, lead Isabella to uncover her real identity and the true love of her life.

Megan: When and why did you begin writing?

MC: Unlike most writers, and because I am dyslexic and payed for it severely in school as a child, I do not write because I love words, but because I love stories. My great grandmother (who passed when I was ten) came from a rich historical background and she spent hours telling me stories. I reckon I inherited her gift. As a kid I used to ask my dad to photocopy my short stories with my own illustrations for me at his office and then I’d hand them out to all my friends at school. That stopped in year seven when I was told by a school teacher that I was stupid because of my dyslexia. I finally pulled up my big panties about five years ago, and have been writing up a storm ever since.

Megan: I love it - it's always great to prove the naysayers and critics wrong! What are you currently working on?

MC: The second in a collection of four Collaborative historical/Victorian/steampunk romances – Iron Fist, which has followed short on the heels of, Iron Heart. It is a collaborative novel, iow., we are two authors writing it, Melanie Page and myself. As well as rounding off Epona, a women’s fiction with romantic and paranormal elements.

Megan: I love the fact you have a lot of different concepts in your work - it's great to draw on those different elements. Do you plan what you will write or are you a bit of a pantser?

MC: Neither. And this my writing partner Melanie will confirm. Every single one of my books (even memories) comes from a dream. I sit down and I write. I can put down the rough draft (very rough) of a story at about 50K in an afternoon. I call it vomit writing. And then the hard work begins 😊

Megan: Of all the characters in your books who would you most like to have coffee with, or least like to have coffee with?

MC: Galena Tindale from Iron Heart the – she is a ground breaking Bluestockinged bell, decades ahead of her time and has the same love for medicine as I. Least would be Mrs Learie from Epona. I’d be tempted to swot her a silly one across the face for being such a devious backstabbing cow.

Megan: What authors do you most admire? Why?

MC: Jenn J Mcleod. She’s a successful traveling, much loved, and absolutely stunning from the inside out writer!

Megan: Memories of Love is available on Draft 2 Digital platforms and Amazon. You can connect with MC via:




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