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Espresso Tales: Coffee with Maisie Porter

My guest today on Espresso Tales is Maisie Porter, whose thriller, No Reception, is now available.

Maisie works as a professional photographer in Australia, with wide

experience covering weddings, though she has neither abducted nor been abducted by any competitors. No Reception is Maisie's first novel.

Megan: Maisie, thanks for joining me today on Espresso Tales. Firstly, can I get you a coffee?

Maisie: Latte with one spoonful of brown sugar, please.

Megan: Good choice. Now, tell me about your latest book. I'm intrigued by the title!

Maisie: No Reception tells a tale of two women who appear at first to be mirror opposites in every aspect of their lives—professional success, material comfort, body type, love life—but will find their lives entwining and overlapping that neither could have foreseen.

For hyper-successful wedding photographer and blogger Zody Swabler, anonymous death threats come with the territory. When warned by email not to continue booking jobs, she responds by accepting the next wedding request that comes in. Still, when a strangely eager woman approaches her in a café about the emails, she accepts the woman’s invitation to visit her home.

So begins Helena Hoath’s elaborate plan to take over the life and profession of the photographer she wishes she could be. Convinced that Zody is sleeping with her husband Archer, Helena uses the power of social media to destroy Zody’s business. When Zody unleashes her own revenge scheme, she discovers that a mentally unhinged woman may still have the wit to turn a successful photographer’s own talents against her.

Megan: It sounds thrilling. I know you are a wedding photographer yourself and have been involved in that creative field. How did you first come to writing?

Maisie: I began writing in early 2017. At that time I had a desire to create, something that wasn't fleeting. So much work is put into creating visuals for social media (especially in the photography industry). I was becoming disillusioned at the dispensability of photos these days; you can take a wonderful photo that has to be replaced immediately with another to feed the social media monster! So I started to write a story, it was a private and satisfying effort.

Megan: Social media has changed the way we see the world, particularly with the instantaneous nature of photographs thanks to our phones and digital technology. I know you are currently working on another book - will this one have similar themes?

Maisie: I am currently working on a story where I concentrate on mindfulness and wellness. It is a suspenseful story of love and revenge.

Megan: I'll look forward to it! What authors inspire you? Who do you like to read?

Maisie: The list of authors I admire is too long to list. But if I have to choose one author I have to say, Sofie Laguna. I watched a conversation with her recently at the Sydney Writer Festival and I was mesmerised by the way she articulated herself.

Megan: Finally, turning back to your characters, who would you most like to share a latte with if you had the chance?

Maisie: I would like to have coffee with any of my characters. I think that having a coffee with my characters would be a fantastic but uncanny experience, it would be like having a conversation with my own mind in human form.

Megan: Thanks for the coffee and the catch up, and I'll look forward to reading No Reception.

Maisie: Thanks Megan.

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