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Espresso Tales: Coffee with Tracy Brenton

This week on Espresso Tales, I catch up with Tracy Brenton, Australian romance author.

Tracy Brenton lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia. She loves all things creative and takes way too many pictures of sunsets and beaches.

She’s working hard on developing a taste for coffee and writing the next book in the Tempest Beach series.

Megan: Thank you for joining me, Tracy. Can I get you a coffee - what's your favourite?

Tracy: I’m still learning the correct names for all the coffees (I’m a bit of a late starter) but my favourite at the moment is Americano, or long black. Or is it Flat black? Lol.

Megan: Flat black, I like that! Now, tell me about your book, Spark, which was recently released.

Tracy: Spark is a romance and Book One in the Tempest Beach series. When Alex Vance flees back home to Tempest Beach, she is horrified to find her brother, Dan, is in an induced coma after rescuing their parents from a fire. She decides to take over management of his motor workshop so that he has a business to come back to when he wakes up.

The only problem is the head mechanic, Jake Lawson, who thinks he should be the boss.

Black belt martial artist Jake has plans that don't include the sweet, but sassy Alex. She might be smart, but a business degree isn't going to help her change engine oil or replace a wheel bearing.

Sparks fly between the two and, despite their differences, they can’t seem to stop KISSING.

When the bank threatens to foreclose they have to work together to find a way to save Dan’s business.

The stakes are raised when a shady loan shark wants payback and soon Alex is fighting for Dan's life as well as his livelihood. And if she can't find a way to repay the debt, she will be the one who pays the price.

Throw in a kick-ass crew of sexy martial artists and you've got yourself a delicious mix of adventure, mystery and mayhem, complete with a gorgeous beachside location and a love at first sight affair.

Megan: It sounds like a fantastic concept and location. Are you working on further books in the series now?

Tracy: Yes, I'm currently working on Tempest Beach Book Two - Sing. It's about a girl who falls for her younger brother's best friend. She’s facing a milestone birthday, the big three-oh, and all she really wants is to settle down and raise a family with a guy who is established, secure in his career, and safe. Which is everything he’s not.

Megan: You like to write romance, is it your preferred genre to read? What's been on your reading list of late?

Tracy: Romance, of any sort, is my first love, but I also enjoy Science Fiction and YA. My most recent reads including Stumbling into Him by Molly O’Hare. Before that, The Pleasure of Panic by JA Huss, and Beach Music by Annie Seaton.

I also love audio books and have just finished listening to Ready Player One, with voice actor Wil Wheaton. Getting Schooled by Emma Chase was another audiobook I loved.

Megan: What inspired you to first start writing?

Tracy: I’m an accountant by day and a writer by night (& morning, and weekends, and any spare 5 minutes)I started writing about five years ago when I realised I wasn’t doing anything just for me. I tried a bunch of different things and writing was the one that stuck. I feel like I’ve found ‘my thing’.I completely rearranged my life, selling my business and getting a part-time job, to create more time to write. My part-time job turned into two part time jobs so I’m actually working full-time hours, but I still have more time than when I was working for myself and it’s made all the difference to getting my book finished.

Megan: That's a big change. Has it impacted on your writing routines - are you an early bird writer or night owl?

Tracy: I’m a night owl, no matter how hard I try not to be! But when I wrote Spark I knew I had to write every day so I’d get up early so that no matter what, I’d get some words down. Usually I wrote in the evenings as well, but I got myself into a good routine which worked well.

That all went out the window during the editing phase!

I’m back into my old night owl habits now and am trying to break them as I enter the writing phase again.

Megan: It's interesting how routines can change in writing compared to editing. Do you find your work is more planned or are you a pantser?

Tracy: A bit of both. My first ever attempt at writing a book is still sitting, half finished, on the hard drive. I got to a certain point and just got lost. That’s when I discovered story structure and plotting and the joy of knowing exactly where you’re going with the book so that you can weave all the threads of the story together and make sure that everything means something.

So I plot out the big picture, but when it comes to writing each scene I totally pants it!

Megan: Thanks for joining me, Tracy and best of luck with the next book in the Tempest Beach series.

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