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Espresso tales: Coffee with Carrie-Ann Schless

Welcome to the first in my new blog series where I meet a range of wonderful authors for coffee to find out about their upcoming work, their writing routines and inspirations. My first coffee companion is Carrie-Ann Schless, the author of 'Another Woman's Man'.

Carrie-Ann lives in South East England with her three children, her cats and her dog with her mum just a short drive away. She is never bored. She fills her time with reading, writing, tv series binge watching, amateur dramatics, dog walks, dinner with friends, the park, taking her children to clubs and the odd glass (or three) of something alcoholic.

Carrie-Ann is a self confessed social media addict who can normally be found somewhere floating around the world wide web. However, learning to use it for marketing has been a trying experience. She would love you to get in touch by connecting to her on Facebook or on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other sites. All can be found at www.carrieannschless.com as well as her blog.

Megan: Carrie-Ann, welcome to Espresso Tales, what can I get you to drink?

Carrie-Ann: I’ve really gotten into peppermint tea recently. It’s great for detoxing and really refreshing.

Megan: Tell us about your latest book?

Carrie-Ann: Another Woman’s Man follows Casey Turner and the many relationships in her life. From the banter she has with her best friend, the strained relationship with her mother to her falling in love with Max. Life is going good for her until she gets the awful news she can’t have children. Suddenly she’s in a downward spiral and the only person that seems to help her is Danny. I’m going to leave it there.

Megan: I loved 'Another Woman's Man'. It was written in such a raw and beautiful way. Is writing something that has always come naturally to you?

Carrie-Ann: I’ve always found writing to be quite a natural thing for me. At school I was entered into a few poetry competitions and ended up winning first prize for East Sussex with my poem ‘Damaged’ when I was fifteen. I used to love being able to bring out emotions in people and often made my English teacher cry. In a good way lol.

Megan: You made me cry with 'Another Woman's Man' - in a good way too! What are you currently working on?

Carrie-Ann: I’m a bit of a busy bee at the moment. I’m proofreading book two – The Six-Month Rule (out 4th May), finishing book three – The Replacement (Date to be confirmed) and I’m also working on a sequel to Another Woman’s Man. I wrote it as a stand-alone but so many people have wanted to know more and I suddenly had a eureka moment of where I could take it. I’m actually quite excited about it.

Megan: You are busy! What's your writing routine? When do you get a chance to put pen to paper?

Carrie-Ann: I’m a 100% night owl. If I didn’t have kids I would just sleep all day and stay up all night. I’m pretty sure I’m part vampire.

Megan: Do you plan your writing or do you let it guide you?

Carrie-Ann: I plan the beginning and the end and have a slight idea of where I want the middle to go, then I clear my mind and write. It’s just the way I work. I can’t explain it.

Megan: I think we all struggle to explain how our minds work when it comes to writing our novels! What sort of things do you like to read? Do you have an author you particularly admire?

Carrie-Ann:Other than my other Cats, I love Freya North. I started reading her books when I was on a family holiday at fifteen and became obsessed. I was staying at a villa and they happened to have ‘Chloe’ on their bookshelf. I now own all her books and when I was having my daughter I emailed her and she replied as if I was one of her friends, asking me to keep in touch and tell her what I had. She writes in such a beautiful way.

Megan: Carrie-Ann, thanks so much for catching up. I can't wait to read the Six-Month Rule in May!

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