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Short stories

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A Matter of Heart

Jill McMahon is a successful novelist, who having been burned by matters of love in the past, is more than content with her own company.

Elliott Novak, a Commander in the Australian Navy, is married to his job. His passion for his military life has cost him dearly, but still, he wonders if a relationship is possible.

When Jill and Elliott meet on the eve of his posting overseas, sparks fly. As the months pass, can they manage to make things work, or are there greater matters of the heart that will force them apart?

This novelette is part of the Tangled Vines series and can be read as a standalone romance, or before or after reading Tangled Vines (Tangled Vines Saga Book One) or The Problem with Perfect (Tangled Vines Saga Book Two)

Picking up the Pieces

Is there anything more embarrassing than travelling half-way around the world to attend the wedding of your ex-boyfriend? If there is, Clarissa can't think of it until she literally runs into Aussie ex-pat Ben in a crowded Hong Kong street. Can she open her eyes to the chance to love again or will her past hold her back?

Picking up the Pieces
The Tarot Reader

The Tarot Reader

Hamish's business is struggling. He needs some luck soon or the whole thing could go under. Turning to local markets to spread the word, he finds Patricia - tarot reader, oracle and oneirocritic. Are her talents key to his future, or is she not quite as she seems?

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