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The Lonely Hearts Detective Agency

Clara is struggling to follow her heart, especially when she has no idea where it should be taking her – to ambitious entrepreneur Lucas or dedicated local cop Adam? As she ponders her future, an accident at the Lemon Tree Bay annual highlands fair brings back painful memories and lingering questions about the cause of her father’s death some years earlier.

Senior Constable Adam Billings is determined to make the most of his second chance in town. He has a new home and renewed hope that all may not be lost with the love of his life, yet past mistakes threaten to engulf him as he finds himself under suspicion by the police force he pledged to serve.

Finding herself in the crosshairs of a revenge plot and falling deeper into the mystery around her father’s death, Clara turns to Adam to find the answers she’s seeking. Can the star-crossed lovers move forward together, or will a grand gesture by Lucas change everything?

When Clara’s digging takes a terrifying turn, Adam and Lucas are forced to abandon their rivalry in a desperate search to find her. Has Lemon Tree Bay’s finest amateur sleuth looked into her last case, or has she solved the biggest mystery this town has ever seen?

“Megan Mayfair never fails to deliver! Her characters come to life on the page and their stories of love, loss and laughter draw me in every time. Mayfair is the Queen of series - all of her books let you catch up with old friends while meeting new ones.”

Goodreads Reviewer

The Long Way Home

When Tabitha returned a piece of jewellery her husband, Logan, purchased online, she didn’t realise she would be sending back the last thing he ever gave her. As she struggles to come to terms with his unexpected death, her lingering regrets over their marriage threaten to boil over.

Adulting is proving difficult for Peri. She can’t keep up with her university course and her crush on her flatmate, Dev, threatens to destroy their friendship. When she purchases a box of returned items from an online shopping giant, she finds a bracelet, accompanied by a heartfelt, yet puzzling note. For whom was it intended, and what is meant by the cryptic message?

As the gift brings Peri to Tabitha's door, she finds the stunning coastal hometown where Tabitha resides a home away from home and an unexpected friendship grows between the two women. Has Peri found the perfect place to escape a reality she longs to ignore, or will her old life turn up on her doorstep?

Facing mounting stress over her business and dealing with her grief, Tabitha forges a surprising bond with her neighbour, Rich, a software magnate. Yet, when more mysterious packages arrive from Logan, Tabitha is forced to confront her late husband’s secrets, and perhaps a couple of her own…


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